High Availability Hosting Infrastructure

If you have suffered server downtime due to a server failure or have had your site become unavailable for an extended period of time, it’s time to switch to a High Availability Hosting Infrastructure. All of our virtual dedicated servers and private cloud hosting packages utilize High Availabily (HA) functionality which automatically relocates virtual machines from a failed host, registers them on the new host, and powers them on.

Minimize Server Downtime By Using High Availability Hosting

The diagram below illustrates the movement of a Virtual Machine from a failed host to another host in the same High Availability cluster.


How High Availability Hosting Works

  • * High Availability constantly monitors the hosts and virtual machines to detect operating system and host failures.
  • * Your virtual machine will be restarted on another host in the HA enabled cluster without manual intervention if a host failure occurs.
  • * HA can also protect your applications from an operating system failure by automatically restarting virtual machines in the event of an operating system failure.

* Our high availability hosting infrastructure is a fully redundant hosting environment with no single point of failure.

High Availablity Storage

We offer redundant FibreChannel SAN infrastructure for enterprise level storage not found in most other hosting infrastructures.

For customers demanding high availability high performance NFS storage we also offer 10G internet connectivity. Whether utilizing our FibreChannel or 10G Ethernet, all storage utilizes Enterprise Grade FibreChannel disks.

SAN Replication HA